An Educated Approach to Estate Planning and Asset Protection From an Attorney You Can Trust

Attorney Nicole D’Ambrogi learned the value of contingency planning as a young woman serving in the United States Navy. Her five years of service taught her to stay calm under pressure and to focus on details that others might overlook to ensure the best possible outcome in every given scenario. 

Today, Nicole uses her laser-like focus and determination to plan for all aspects of her client’s lives—not just what happens after they are gone. If you want to ensure a secure retirement, guard against the skyrocketing cost of long-term care, protect your assets from potential legal threats, minimize your tax burden, and leave a lasting legacy for your family, San Diego Legacy Law can help. We develop custom estate planning and asset protection strategies designed to fit each client's unique needs. We believe life is a gift, so we’re dedicated to providing you with the peace of mind you need to enjoy every moment. 

Compassion, Empathy, and Understanding 

Nicole has seen firsthand how poor planning can create unnecessary hardships for families. When her grandmother started showing signs of cognitive decline and her estate plan offered no guidance for how to handle her disability, Nicole stepped in to do the “damage control” necessary to provide for her ongoing care needs. 

The experience of watching a beloved family member struggle reaffirmed Nicole’s commitment to helping her clients make the decisions they need to maintain their desired standard of living now and in the future. When you choose to work with us, you can be assured that you’ll be treated with compassion, empathy, and understanding throughout every step of the process.

A Comprehensive Approach to Planning for Your Future

While some firms deal in simple document preparation, San Diego Legacy Law takes a more strategic approach. Nicole holds an LLM in International Taxation with concentrations in Financial Services and Wealth Management—giving her extensive knowledge of the many financial variables that can affect a client’s ability to meet their estate planning goals and the ability to provide the “big picture” advice you won’t find at the typical document-focused estate planning firm. 

Whether you’re in a blended family, own your own business, want to provide for a loved one with special needs, or have concerns about how a recent change in your financial circumstances will affect your retirement plans, we can provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions about your future. Instead of letting worries about the unknown keep you up at night, contact us to create a plan that will let you live your best life.