For most cases, navigating an estate through a probate court can take anywhere from a year to possibly three years to administer. The timeframe is dependent on the number of creditors and assets that are involved with the client. Waiting on a court date to hear a petition, sometimes up to five months, can also delay the closing of the estate, creating the most significant lag time for families.

Probate Court Processing Costs

Probate court will require funds to process a person’s estate to be prepared, even at the beginning, with the filing fee. After the administration process, additional fees include attorney’s payment that is set statutorily and based upon the estate’s assets of the remainder of the inheritance. The estate pays the expenses of the estate’s representative, which is the same as the attorneys. For example, if an estate is worth one million dollars, to administer the case, it may cost an estimated $60,000 to $80,000.

Can Someone Navigate The Probate Process On Their Own?

Yes, one can try, but it is not advisable. Managing a case without a probate attorney may cost them more money in the long run, and the representative could be personally liable for any mistakes. Trying to navigate the probate process without prior knowledge of the law is difficult due to the complexity of the system, having a trusted advisor to lead a client through each step of the administration process is the best-case scenario.

What Is Achieved When The Probate Process Is Completed?

At the close of probate, the administration of the estate is complete, and the family can move on in their grieving process. The requirements are met with creditors and fees paid, assets sold, and beneficiaries will receive what their loved one had designated for them. In the end, the court heard the deceased party’s wishes, and turned their goals and wants into a reality.

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