“We found ourselves in a situation that no one wants to find themselves in. A false police report was filed against us and as a result the police further violated our civil rights in the most egregious way during the arrest. We were facing some rather serious charges. We hired Nicole to represent us and are so happy we did. She owned that courtroom, was polite but direct. She was professional and compassionate. The result of a 2-week jury trial was “not guilty” on all counts! It was a fair verdict but having Nicole to represent us was the best decision we made. She was able to relate to the jury and the witnesses in a way that she brought out the pertinent facts while being respectful at the same time. It is our opinion that she was born to do this work! Hopefully, we won’t find ourselves in this position again but if we ever need legal advice or representation again she will be the one we call!”

A Satisfied Client